Wondering how to make your own educational “movies?”

(Updated May 5, 2013)

Since writing the original post below, I’ve discovered two other video-making options.  The first, Tellagami (rhymes with origami), is a quick, easy way to create and share any short story or lesson.  My students typed in their book reports and an animated character of their choice made the presentations.  Each Gami takes about five minutes to make. The downside– the program can only be accessed using an iPhone or iPad, and the presentation length is limited by the number of characters allowed.  Engaging and super cool!

Gami PicClick here to check it out!

The second video-making software I found, Animoto, creates short videos set to music.  It has lots of free designs, it’s easy-to-use, and it’s fun. This program is available online and uses text and pictures to create a short album or message.  The one I made to promote my favorite grammar shortcut, took me about 15 minutes to make.

Powerful Prepositions!

Powerful Prepositions!

Click here to check it out!

Check out this sample introduction I created for one of my TpT products “Identifying Subjects and Verbs Using Prepositional Phrases.”  This cool, interactive “movie making” website is easy to use.  After signing in for a free account I created the following “movie”  in about 12 minutes.

I thought it might be a good way to introduce teachers and students to using prepositions and prepositional phrases for identifying subjects and verbs.  The site is intuitive and it also has quick tutorials.  However, as I used it for the first time I noticed that each movie “cost” points.  If you try it and love it, a teacher’s subscription is available for about $10 a month.

Xtranormal Snip

Click here to check out the video!

Click here to read more about using prepositional phrases to identify subjects and verbs.

Click here to check out the product below.

Jungle Busy Frame new cover snipped


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