Shortcut for Creating a List of Your Pinterest Boards

Are you an avid Pinterest pinner?  If so, there may come a time you want a complete list of all your boards.  After typing out my list by hand, I accidentally discovered a terrific short cut.

1.  Click on any of your pins as though you are about to repin it.

2.  Click on the pull down menu that generates a list of your boards.

3.  Place the curser near the list, a little to the left of the actual words.

4.  Left click your mouse and hold it down as you move the mouse down the list of board names.  The selected words will be highlighted in blue.  Let go of your mouse, hit Control+C.

5.  Open a word processing program.  I use Word.  Place your cursor on a blank page and hit Control +V.

Voila!  You should be able to see the items on your Pinterest list of boards that you just highlighted.

Pinterest Board Copy PictureClick here to check out the board pictured above.


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